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Largest spearfishing collection

The unique experience in diving in cold water conditions allowed to select professional designers, engineers, and athletes who faced a difficult task - to create a line of spearfishing equipment that is distinguished by high quality, but at the same time has an affordable price.

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ScorpenaOur brand

SCORPENA is the most Nordic diving brand that offers the largest collection of high-quality spearfishing equipment for cold-water conditions.
Being cold-water experts for more than 25 years, we are ready to meet the highest international standards for safety, performance, and reliability.

Our vision

AQUATEX Group, SCORPENA brand owner, was established in 1991 in Saint-Petersburg, and is the oldest company operating in Russian diving market.
SCORPENA’s headquarters are based in the North of Europe in Riga, Latvia. Our strategic location on the south-east coast of the Baltic Sea played a vital role in the company’s historical success.


SCORPENA RULESThe largest project in the history of spearfishing

SCORPENA team travel along Russia and nearby countries to meet personally with spearfishers of different regions and find out about the most interesting details of spearfishing in these areas.

The aim of the project is to promote spearfishing and to meet spearfishers from different regions in person. SCORPENA is a truly people’s brand, and we want to be close to those who dive and hunt in our equipment!

Oresund Scorpena Cup

Oresund Scorpena Cup

The competition of the year in Oresund, it takes place in an old military fort just outside of the Copenhagen center.

Öresund is properly the best place to spearfish in Denmark in the spring and all the record cods are caught there. It is a place with lots of old shipwrecks and many grounds where the cod hangout in may. The fish can be found from 3 to 20 meters.



In 2013, our brand has entered the history of world spearfishing, becoming the general partner of the XXIX Euro-African Spearfishing Championship in Helsinki, Finland. Under the standarts of SCORPENA, with the support of dozens of fans, the stars of the international rankings competed for the title of new champion, bringing to the very young brand worldwide fame. Support for the most important spearfishing competitions, which for the first time in many years took place in northern Europe, has become one of the capital lines in the eventful history of SCORPENA.

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